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About Optimizely

Founded in 2009 by two former Google product managers, Optimizely provides A/B testing and multivariate testing software. Since its creation, Optimizely has amassed an impressive client list that includes companies such as, ABC, TechCrunch, CBS, Salesforce, The Walt Disney Company, and Starbucks.

In 2008, one of Optimizely’s founders did A/B (or split testing) and multivariate testing for a national political candidate. That difficulty was the inspiration for Optimizely. A/B testing is simply presenting two or more creative or technical variants of the same web page to different users, and then tracking user conversion rates for each variant. Multivariate testing is similar but more complex.

Optimizely is made for a minimum amount of learning on the front end. Adding just one line of Javascript to a company’s website allows testing to begin. Businesses do not need to have extensive coding experience to use Optimizely’s point-and-click interface. Optimizely allows quick testing of many creative variations — images, fonts, different input forms, etc. Businesses can track what matters to them, whether that is conversion rates, click-throughs, or account sign-ups. Optimizely allows total control of the testing process with built-in project management tools. Control extends to allocating which users see which page variants, and at what time they get to see them. Optimizely is built to work alongside existing site metrics tools such KissMetrics and Google Analytics. Optimizely’s A/B testing software allows creative types to test by making point-and-click changes to landing pages, while still providing a versatile editor for engineers who prefer to dive into the code.

We recommend Optmizely to any business looking for an A/B or multivariate testing solution, but especially those businesses that have a WordPress site, as Optimizely offers a robust WordPress integration. 

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