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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About OpenPeak ADAM

OpenPeak is a software company that provides multiple device management solutions for small, medium and enterprise-level businesses. OpenPeak’s ADAM can be used for comprehensive mobile device management at the enterprise level. Uniquely, ADAM’s individual components can be implemented as stand-alone services, providing flexibility and scalability for businesses seeking custom solutions.

OpenPeak’s ADAM is a comprehensive mobile device management platform built for use by businesses of any size. It reduces IT costs by streamlining the process of managing device inventory, tracking, usage, compliance, and security issues. The program’s administrative dashboard is user-friendly and features detailed statistics including device version, application use, device location, call history and energy usage. These features provide insights into organizational mobile device trends. Using this statistical information, ADAM helps executives analyze operational efficiency and estimate the use of mobile assets. ADAM’s platform contains three different products: SANCTION, SECTOR and OPENSHOP. Although SECTOR and OPENSHOP offer powerful application and profile management tools, SANCTION is designed to provide advanced mobile device management features including remote control of data roaming permissions, rebooting processes, and on-device hardware. OpenPeak’s SANCTION permits group-based communication via alerts and notifications while providing IT with advanced security controls including remote wipe and lock.

OpenPeak’s mobile device management solutions are ideal for businesses and organizations seeking a scalable, reliable, and secure method of mobile device control. The platform supports enterprise mobility while providing a bring-your-own-device approach to mobilization. Without a centralized mobile device management program, IT departments are left to manually schedule, track and protect mobile devices throughout an organization. As a result, IT costs soar and enterprise mobility is limited. Implementing an OpenPeak mobile device management solution helps businesses save time and money while increasing security and productivity.

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