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About ABS OpenHR

Advanced Business Solutions is a provider of integrated business applications and services for the public, private, and third sectors. It offers a wide variety of software and products for accounting, procurement, supply chain management, HR and payroll departments.

OpenHR is a human resources software developed to help employers streamline their daily human resources needs. It has configurable data structures, screen presentations, and workflows that are designed to be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. Their human resources software’s features include personnel management, professional development, succession planning, appraisal management, benefits management, salary planning, car fleet management, HR reporting, workforce optimization, absence management, recruitment, learning management and financial analysis.

Using OpenHR software solutions, Baker Tilley was able to reduce their human resources expenses by 75 percent. Other clients have had similar success stories. OpenHR’s human resources software’s self-service features allow managers and employees to view, update and collate data. This saves valuable HR time and allows employers to continue to provide HR support to their employees no matter where they are located. The program is browser-based so it is readily available to employees from any computer. Its .NET web module also gives the user the ability to launch and manage OpenHR workflows on a variety of platforms. This helps promote field-based employee productivity.


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