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About Openbravo

Openbravo offers both commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that boast easy web, mobile, and cloud access. The company distributes its open source enterprise software solutions via an exclusive network of global partners in over 20 countries.

The ERP platform by Openbravo is unique from other software’s in that it is entirely web-based. Users can view inventory, customer and product information, workflow, order tracking, and more all from any Web portal via computer, tablet, or mobile.  This simplified access allows team members to jump right into running the business instead of waiting to have software installed on their computers. Openbravo’s ERP software stresses its customizable collaborative features that will simultaneously support existing teams as well as support an expanding business.  These collaborative features include secure sharing of document and note links, a multi-tasking grid, daily task automation, and simple integration with other systems. It also provides real-time visibility with detailed transactional reports and embedded analytics.

One of the leading agricultural and industrial companies in Europe, Conserve Italia, was looking for a solution that could manage its direct sale of goods that were being produced from different manufacturing sites around the world, without intruding on its existing systems. The Openbravo ERP system was able to introduce the idea to Conserve Italia of directly selling its products to its employees through its web-based point-of-sale platform.

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