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OnSembleProduct Overview

  1. About OnSemble Employee Intranet
  2. Pros of OnSemble Employee Intranet
  3. Cons of OnSemble Employee Intranet
  4. Breakdown of core features

OnSemble Employee Intranet product overview

OnSemble is an easy-to-use employee intranet that requires no programming experience to set up. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to design a page that reflects your needs and company. OnSemble is designed to not only store information, but also connect employees and keep remote workers engaged. Share documents, communicate better, and promote company culture in one interface. OnSemble can also manage invoices, expenses, inventory, and even office visitors.

Pros of OnSemble Employee Intranet

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OnSemble is designed with all uses in mind, from allowing marketing to put culture front and center to making it easy for HR to create a streamlined onboarding process. IT will also appreciate OnSemble because they won’t have to “own” it—the drag-and-drop format makes anyone a web designer.

Cons of OnSemble Employee Intranet

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OnSemble is a highly customizable intranet and, while anyone can set it up, it’s not “out of the box” and will require a few weeks to implement.

Breakdown of core features

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Mobile Directory

Search anyone’s name and tap to send an email or place a call. The mobile directory makes finding and connecting with employees easy, no matter your location.

Activity Feed

Mobile announcements let employees stay connected. Announcements, life updates, and more can be created from a phone or computer and shared in a feed with the company.

Document Storage

Store documents and procedures in one place. OnSemble acts like a “day one” employee for historical information, processes, and more.

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  • Employee Intranet Portal
  • Document Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Content Editor
  • Polls
  • Photos
  • Room reservations
  • Discussions
  • Blogging
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Teams
  • Calendars
  • Search
  • Vendor Management
  • Instant Messenger
  • Forms Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Task Management
  • Sales Management
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Active Directory
  • Shared Drives
  • Symitar
  • UC4
  • Fuze
  • ADP
  • Crystal Reports
  • Quote available upon request
  • English