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About OneStat, headquartered in Amsterdam and founded in 2002, is now the top provider of real-time web analytics in the world. With more than 75,000 customers, it has an impressive list of clients such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Fuji Film, Dunlop and Thomas Cook.

OneStat’s website monitoring solutions help to improve online sales and marketing campaigns. It is a hosted application, so there is no expensive investment in IT infrastructure. OneStat web analytics provides information regarding where your site’s visitors come from and the pages they browse to assist in optimizing page content. It provides details on search phrases and terms and shows you which search engines are attracting the most visitors. Its powerful reporting options allow for a wide variety of reports including by the hour, to by the year information on who is visiting your page, and what specific links they click on. E-commerce reports show the performance of registration and sales pages to help you improve their success. All reports include drill-down features, allowing you access to a multitude of details. You can also track the performance of your marketing campaigns to more effectively target your marketing strategy. These marketing reports include click-fraud detection. All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF. OneStat tracks every website, including sites for mobile devices. Developed with user input, OneStat is user-friendly and includes free customer support. OneStat web analytics solutions are offered in various different versions to suit whatever your budget may be.

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