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About RazorInsights ONE-EHR

RazorInsights is a company that provides hospitals with electronic health record (EHR) solutions. Though RazorInsights offers other products, its ONE-Electronic Health Record product is a unique Inpatient Clinicals EHR. ONE-Electronic Health Record includes dynamic functions designed to enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and provide better care within the hospital and after discharge.

RazorInsight’s cloud-based ONE-Electronic Health Record was specifically designed for use in a hospital setting and includes a master patient registry. The program’s documentation management functions enable physicians and nurses to complete comprehensive assessments, efficiently monitor treatment outcomes, and quickly generate discharge plans. Uniquely, ONE-Electronic Health Record’s patient encounter management feature follows the care process from admission to discharge. It can efficiently manage pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and emergency department functions to ensure reliable inter-hospital communication and reduce error. The CPOE module of ONE-Electronic Health Record allows physicians to simplify the process of medication, lab, and consult requests. The program’s user-friendly interface is easily adopted by clinicians resulting in a rapid adoption rate. ONE-Electronic Health Record is an ONC-Certified EHR capable of helping facilities complete Meaningful Use requirements.

RazorInsight’s ONE-Electronic Health Record has been implemented successfully in multiple hospital settings. One of the program’s customers, Straith Hospital for Special Surgery, was in need of an electronic health record solution that was user-friendly and capable of helping the hospital meet governmental regulations. After implementing ONE-Electronic Health Record, Straith Hospital for Special Surgery was able to meet ARRA standards, increase hospital efficiency, and reduce charting expenses.

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