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About OGsys OGsql

Started as an early accounting software developer for personal computers, OGsys then expanded its product to work as a multi-user platform. Later, the company produced the very first oil and gas accounting software for Windows. Its most current product is called OGsql. Like the company’s earlier products, it is meant to accelerate answers for clients.

OGsql is accounting software for the oil and gas industry. Standard features for its accounting system package include general ledger, accounts payable, joint interest billing, accounts receivable, revenue processing and partnership. Fixed assets planning, integrated inventory software and multi-currency processing are available as options. OGsql’s land management module acquires and stores information related to leasing properties, shares information between corporate departments, and works seamlessly with OGsys gas and oil accounting software. The document component of the OGsql suite of business accounting software automatically validates all information entered into the progam’s data tables, defines access to documents and reduces duplicate entries. Documents can be stored in a number of different types, including email, word processing, audio files and video files. OGsql also includes a dedicated production accounting module that is compliant with state and federal reporting requirements. Other OGsys products include OGdash, which uses a number of different “gadgets” to effectively display information related to various business processes. The company’s Fastrack Reporting application is designed to improve the speed of business reporting, and the company plans to eventually make this software the only reporting tool used by its products.

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