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About Symantec Odyssey

Symantec is a company that provides mobile device management services in addition to cloud, virtualization, and industry solutions. Symantec’s Odyssey platform streamlines device enrollment, management, and security, enabling IT administrators to efficiently monitor large networks of mobile devices. Odyssey appeals to large companies in any industry needing advanced device management controls.

Symantec’s Odyssey mobile device management platform is ideal for businesses that need to ensure reliable communication, collaboration, and security in their organization’s mobile network. Odyssey allows for on-premise and SaaS deployment. The program is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android devices. Through the platform’s administrative options, IT administrators can designate security compliance procedures, and blacklist certain applications. Additional security features, such as app, data, and malware protection, are available with Symantec’s Mobile Management Suite. IT departments that need a scalable, secure, and user-friendly solution to mobile device management, value Symantec’s array of mobility services.

Symantec’s mobile device management solutions have been implemented by companies in various industries, and particularly those that require ongoing protection of sensitive information. IT leaders around the word who have implemented Odyssey or Symantec’s Mobile Management Suite speak highly of its practicality and benefits. In particular, the Lotus F1 Team reported that the largest benefit to using Odyssey was the usage visibility and granular application control.

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