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About Octopus

Based in the United Kingdom, Octopus is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) human resource solutions. The privately held company was founded in 2002, and its HR software product is designed for firms with 50 to 2,000 employees. Its workforce management software is used by diverse companies, including the BCW Group, Charteris, the HPS Group and Alphabet.

One Octopus client, Potter Clarkson LLP, had outgrown paper records, and decided to implement a self-service HR system. They chose Octopus for its cost effectiveness and its enterprise system benefits. The client’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive: “Overnight the paperwork just disappeared. The efficiency is great. The reporting tools are fantastic… This would have been impossible to manage without Octopus.” Potter Clarkson even changed some of their company policies based on new data generated by Octopus reports.

Octopus HR Software is an SaaS employee management software solution. Completely customizable, it is made up of modular components including recruitment, payroll, employee performance, expenses, time-sheets and timekeeping and training. The HR software dashboard is accessible through any web browser. The system features a self-service interface, allowing employees to update personal details and contact information. The employee directory can be searched by name, department, location, team, job title or by personally designed parameters. The system can also track holiday time, sick days, and other important employee information. It can even match an employee to a position based on criteria such as further education, training, and certifications.

Octopus HR software also features the ability to host an online employee handbook that supports updates as needed. Reports can be generated on demand using a variety of criteria, and the system is designed to record critical communications between departments, send automatic reminders, and track employee salary and benefit information.

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