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Located in Andover, Massachusetts and founded in 1994, privately held NuView Systems, Inc., is a provider of human resource management software, as well as talent management software plus timekeeping and payroll tools. Hill International, Bissell, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and APCO Worldwide are just a few of the organizations making up their client list.

Companies like APCO Worldwide, with a multi-country workforce, know just how involved it can get managing different languages, payroll in different currencies, and complying with varying employment regulations. NuView Systems’ workforce management software helped APCO streamline those processes, increasing their efficiency. According to an APCO spokesperson, “NuView is truly on the cutting edge of HR and Payroll technology solutions.”

NuView’s new HRMS (Human Resources Management System) is a cloud-based single sign-on platform that can simplify the collection and management of all your personnel data, and help you standardize key HR processes in your company. Make the most of your workforce’s talent and identify future leaders. NuView provides HR talent management software to “…attract, retain, and improve the most capable employees.”

Empower those employees to interact and apply through an online career portal. With the self-service portal, potential employees or new hires are guided step-by-verified-step through the benefit selection process, thus ensuring increased accuracy. The online portals serve both employees and their managers. Employees can request time off, download needed forms, perform self-evaluation, or even enroll in online classes.

Integrate your compensation management into your HR workflow. The NuView HRMS app provides over 100 reports, including common compliance reports such as VETS, OSHA, and EEO. Report generation is flexible via standard queries, native language queries or direct SQL queries, and can be used to generate ad hoc reports, letters, and emails. NuView Systems’ goal is to provide “a comprehensive HR and payroll software suite.”

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