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About NueMD

NueMD provides electronic health record (EHR) solutions to private, general, and specialty medical practices. NueMD is an EHR solution the uses cloud-based technology to provide medical practices with reliable, secure, and easy to use charting solutions. With support for 100+ specialties, NueMD is an affordable, scalable, and secure electronic health record solution.

NueMD includes customizable chart management functions, improved flow sheet tracking, and e-Prescribing tools. Through the program’s Patient Chart Management option, physicians have access to health snapshots, clinical summaries, and medication histories. NueMD’s user-friendly interface streamlines referral, lab, and diagnostic testing management. Unlike other programs, NueMD enables physicians to complete patient encounter notes and immediately send this information to other providers or insurance companies for billing purposes. The program’s reporting capabilities enhance the practice, record, and outcome audit process. Records are filterable and able to be re-organized to identify health trends and staff productivity. NueMD includes a pharmacy and lab management database allowing physicians to monitor medication, pharmacy preferences, and process refill requests.

NueMD has helped many practices streamline operations, increase revenue and improve patient care. One of NueMD customers, Good Health Family Practitioners in Tennessee, needed to reduce practice-wide manual processes including billing, documentation, and reporting. As a result of launching NueMD, Good Health Family Practitioners reduced the A/R cycle by 18 days, reduced denied claims by 50%, increased accurate reporting, and was able to see 25 extra patients per week.

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