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nTask product overview

nTask is a cloud-based project management platform used to plan, execute, and manage projects for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It enables organizations to collaborate with team members on tasks, meetings, projects, issues, and risks.

nTask offers features to allow teams to keep all work documents in one place. nTask integrates with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and several other apps through Zapier. Using this tool, users can assign tasks, attach, and share files set recurring tasks, generate a to-do list, and use timesheets for tracking time for in-house and remote teams. Built-in Gantt charts help users to monitor the project schedule and enable a smooth workflow. The solution enables users to plan and monitor budgets for different projects, deploy resources, track issues, define risks, and monitor team member’s time spent on each task.

nTask’s dashboard gives you four views: list, grid, calendar, and boards (Kanban Boards). Each view provides a distinct way of organizing tasks and gives the ability of task collaboration as per user needs. Users can manage tasks and projects from managing personal chores to handling big, complex corporate projects.

Pros of nTask

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nTask offers comprehensive project and task management solution. Users can include all relevant information for projects and tasks like actual and planned dates, give description, set priorities, track task time, create to-do lists and assign them to team members, link tasks to projects, assign resources, create unlimited subtasks, set meetings and manage MOM’s (minutes of meeting) to run agile processes, attach and share files, and manage all project documents in one place.

Cons of nTask

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nTask is a newer program so some features and customizations are still rolling out.

Breakdown of core features

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Project management

nTask offers project management features for teams to manage the entire project process on one screen. Users get the ability to view project details in a popup or docked view to switch between different projects easily.

Users can give project descriptions, assign resources, and have the ability to define roles such as manager, contributor, or viewer. Link tasks to projects or create new tasks within each project for a smooth workflow. Within projects, you can create a to-do list and unlimited subtasks for work breakdown.

Set project milestones to divide the project deliverables into smaller achievable targets that will make it easier for users and their teams to follow the success path. nTask allows you to set a billable and non-billable budget for your projects and gives you real-time updates on project financial summary.

Task Management

The task management features of nTask help users list all the important work to be done in the form of a list, grid, calendar, and boards. Users can give task descriptions in text form, bullet points, and attach images. Assign the tasks to multiple team members, set actual and planned dates, set task priority, enter time spent on each task with task timer, create issues and meetings within task dashboard, collaborate on task with task comments and upload files, and create to-do lists with the task management module of nTask.

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  • Task Priorities
  • Task Status
  • Due Dates
  • Time Tracking
  • Automatic Notifications
  • To-Do Lists
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Budget Management
  • Issue Tracking
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  • Zapier
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