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Node14Product Overview

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Node14 product overview

Node14 offers businesses a customizable online database system to house, report, analyze, and work with their data on a day-to-day basis. A customized Node14 system can be configured specifically to a customer’s business needs at much less cost and time than from custom software development started from scratch. A customizable system is quickly configured by the Node14 engineering team. The customer performs no coding, interface building, or design work. The proprietary Node14 Database Engine built from the ground up makes the customization process possible. It optimizes the design and operation process of relational and non-relational data.

This integral engine works as a layer of functionality to provide common features that businesses need within most systems. It also has advanced options such as user accounts and management, granular security, reporting, dashboards, searching, custom processing and integrations that are absent in other solutions. The customer’s system runs atop of this layer giving them access to these powerful features from the start.

One major feature of the Node14 engine is reporting. The report builder feature allows users to build reports on the fly for extracting specific data instantly. Use complex filtering, grouping, and sorting. If customers have extreme conditional or specialized reporting needs, Node14 can provide customized code-based reports as an additional service. This same reporting feature can also display meaningful charts, graphs, dashboards and other visualizations to aid in important business intelligence decisions.

In addition to the standard features of the Node14 engine, there are other advantages such as system and security features. For example, data stored within Node14 is automatically backed up in geographically separate and secured redundant systems. Also, every operation in the system is audited and kept for the entirety of the account lifespan.

Pros of Node14

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  • Ready-to-use solution: Node14 can provide businesses a quick and affordable solution that does not start from scratch. It has front-loaded the development process by investing large amounts of time and resources into the Node14 Database Engine. The engine provides the common features that businesses need, and customization of the features gives Node14 users a significant head start at completing a project. All the customer needs to do is fine tune the customizations for their exact needs.
  • Skilled engineers: With a large part of the work mostly complete, Node14 finalizes the process by letting only Node14 engineers design and customize the systems. Each engineer is skilled in data design, the Node14 Database Engine, and user experience. These trained professionals guide the customization process and help avoid project failures and poor-quality solutions.

Cons of Node14

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  • Customization scope: While Node14 is more affordable than custom software development, a complex requirement can take a significant amount of time. Although many customizations can be done quickly, as the complexity of the business requirement increases, the amount of time to spend on customizing can also increase. This customization time is a billable item, and customers pay per quarter hour of customization time outside of initial agreements.
  • Standard settings: Some core functionality and styling of Node14 cannot be customized, such as the font of the system and colors of internal interfaces. Public facing customized sections of data can be customized however.

Breakdown of core features

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Node14 Database Engine

The Node14 Database Engine layer of prebuilt functionality allows users to have standard features on a custom solution from the first day of using the product. Ready-to-use features include reporting, searching, security, user management, and public data sharing.

Cloud-based solution

Node14 is an online solution for database and business intelligence data. No on-site servers, IT department work, or additional software is needed to use Node14. The entire system is securely accessible with only a web browser and access to the internet.

Skilled engineers

Node14’s trained engineers customize and design business solutions for the customer so they don’t have to. This ensures a successful solution designed the right way from the beginning. Throughout the process of configuring a Node14 account, the customer is exempted from writing code, learning a design interface, or reading configuration documentation.

Built-in report builder

Included with all Node14 accounts is access to a report builder tool at no additional charge. Customers can use this tool to build, view, and download reports as needed from all data stored in their account. This tool is integrated with the Node14 Database Engine, so all security permissions and settings are honored throughout the entire reporting process.

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  • Node14 Database Engine
  • Cloud-based
  • Customizable data components
  • Dashboards/widgets
  • Report builder
  • Report organization
  • Pipeline/Kanban view
  • Data backups and reliability
  • Public facing sections and sharing
  • Rich field types
  • Real-time data updates
  • Payment processing
  • Contract design, delivery, and signing
  • Encryption and cybersecurity
  • Section permissions
  • Streamlined user creation
  • Data auditing
  • Hover tooltips


  • Stripe
  • SMTP

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