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About NinjaRMM

NinjaRMM is a powerful remote monitoring and management platform designed to simplify the workday for MSPs and IT pros. An intuitive interface makes for simple onboarding and painless technician training. NinjaRMM offers real-time alerts, managed antivirus and automations to allow users to remediate IT problems in a flash.

NinjaRMM gives users a modern, more intuitive RMM platform, allowing MSPs and IT professionals to easily manage devices, across all environments, from any location in the world. The network management agent allows users to monitor all printers, firewalls, routers and switches. Leveraging SNMP, NetFlow, Syslog, Traps and configuration backup, NinjaRMM supports remotely monitoring thousands of network devices across many vendors.

NinjaRMM’s powerful policy framework allows users to automate common IT tasks and maintenance routines. Users can customize alerting conditions, automate maintenance tasks, and manage patches and antivirus updates.

Automation features allow users to customize script parameters and run them with or without admin privileges, run scripts on a custom schedule, upload software installers and deploy with custom command line parameters, install patches, and deploy, configure, and run antivirus software.

NinjaRMM also provides a wide variety of built-in remote management capabilities. Users can start/stop Windows services, kill processes, uninstall software, run custom scripts and remotely access command line without any user intervention.

 NinjaRMM provides integrations with TeamViewer and Splashtop. NinjaRMM will deploy, configure, sync, and manage TeamViewer and Splashtop through a single-pane integration. Users are able to locate and connect to any Windows or Mac endpoints seamlessly. Securely and remotely access devices from anywhere. In addition to TeamViewer features, the NinjaRMM and TeamViewer integration adds management and reporting features to provide a seamless IT remote support experience.

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