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About NexTech EMR

NexTech provides electronic medical record (EMR) software designed for use by single specialty and multi-specialty medical practices. NexTech’s EMR application increases efficiency, reduces error rates, and improves practice-wide productivity. This program appeals to practices that need to combine document management, e-Prescribing, and access to records into one EMR solution.

NexTech’s electronic medical record solution ensures HIPAA and regulatory requirements compliance and is capable of helping medical practices meet Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2. The Patient Portal feature expedites the intake process and automates follow-up scheduling. The program’s out-of-box features include workflow customization, document analysis, referral management, and E&M coding assistance. NexTech’s EMR allows physicians to sign chart notes and patient consents via touch screen. The program’s built-in spell checking and auditing functions help reduce documentation errors and expedite outcomes measurement. The e-Prescribing dashboard allows physicians to perform medication management functions from one screen, and displays interaction and allergy alerts. NexTech provides medical practices with ongoing support, reducing the need for internal IT resources. NexTech’s EMR application provides a combination of e-Prescribing, lab, and document management functions that easily streamlines workflows, enhances practice efficiency, and improves patient care.

NexTech’s EMR solution has helped many physicians and practices improve productivity, collaboration and patient care delivery. One of NexTech’s customers, Dr. Guy Cappuccino of Maryland, needed an electronic medical record solution that was cost-effective, capable of growing along with his practice and included technical support. Dr. Cappuccino chose NexTech’s program after researching competitors and speaking with other customers. As a result of implementing this software, Dr. Cappuccino has been able to streamline his daily workflow, better manage his growing practice, and improve the quality of care he provides patients.

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