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Network SolutionsProduct Overview

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Network Solutions product overview

Network Solutions provides web hosting and domain name registration services to get businesses online. It handles website development to optimization, social media, and online advertising.

Network Solutions offers everything from do-it-yourself builders to custom-built advanced websites. Organizations can choose the right website for their brand and budget. Additionally, this web hosting provider delivers SEO services for different business types to target local, national, and international search engines.

For online businesses that need new customer leads, Network Solutions presents the Pay-Per-Click service. This includes specialized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agents trained to assist companies with Google advertising. It lets organizations select specific keywords and appear in Google’s ad positions at the top of search pages for those queries.

Pros of Network Solutions

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  • Network Solutions extends directory services for locating computer network addresses and demographic information of business entities.
  • The provider also offers a number of consultation services, including designing fire walls, registering and tracking web addresses, and managing computer network addresses.

Cons of Network Solutions

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  • Some users commented that Network Solutions has a complex interface.
  • Others raised concerns about the customer support services.

Breakdown of core features

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Web hosting

Network Solutions takes care of all web hosting needs with a flexible solution. It uses cloud hosting to ensure websites stay online by storing files across multiple servers. It performs daily malware scans and removal, too. If there’s malware on the website, the provider finds and immediately removes it to protect the business website and its visitors.

Do-it-yourself website builder

Network Solutions introduces a DIY Website Builder so businesses can build their personalized website themselves. Clients can choose a free domain name then create and publish their website with Network Solutions’s user-friendly design tools. Furthermore, this provider offers royalty-free images. It allows companies to use personalized email addresses to match the business and reinforce the brand. It also gives online storage and facilitates file sharing.

Domain portfolio management

This web hosting service provider also uses a consultative approach and manages domain portfolios to maximize value and review the vulnerabilities of the business. Its domain portfolio management comes with a dedicated account manager to identify opportunities for growth and market penetration. In addition, the account manager devises countermeasure tactics to protect the brand and trademarks.

SSL certificate

Companies get SSL Certificates from Network Solutions to drive customer engagement and conversions. SSL Certificates make browsing safer on WiFi and public networks and protect important information by encrypting client-server connections. Businesses can secure their social media site by encrypting data from transactions, transfers, and logins with SSL Certificates from Network Solutions.

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