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About NetFacilities

NetFacilities is a privately held company that has been in business since 2003. Its maintenance management software is continually adapting to new technologies.

NetFacilities’ web-based facilities management software provides all the tools necessary to maintain a facility or multiple facilities at different locations. It doesn’t utilize software or hardware on-site, but rather is run entirely over the Internet. Designated users have unlimited access 24/7, and support specialists can address concerns anytime. The software is designed to connect all the people, places and things at a business so that the business runs in a timely and efficient manner. Workers can easily report problems and schedule a repair call to fix any issues. Another advantage of the facilities management software is that work orders and maintenance requests can be automatically generated at a specific date. This is important for equipment that requires regular inspection or replenishment. It also features a work order management tool that lets workers and service vendors collaborate in real-time to modify orders. It includes detailed reports about a facility, individual departments, vendors and services. This system is accessible anywhere using a mobile device, so users can conveniently access the database from home or on the road.

Over 14,000 facilities have benefited from this software, including buildings at Union University. Mary Brown, a spokesperson for Union University, stated that NetFacilities helps them stay organized and on track while managing 50 buildings on two campuses.

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