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Nectar HRProduct Overview

  1. About Nectar HR
  2. Pros of Nectar HR
  3. Cons of Nectar HR
  4. Breakdown of core features

Nectar HR product overview

Nectar HR is a free employee engagement platform that provides employee rewards, employee perks, employee recognition, and employee feedback.  Onboard an entire team quickly on the Nectar website and enjoy the peer-to-peer recognition platforms.

Pros of Nectar HR

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  • Peer-to-peer social recognition feed
  • Glassdoor integration
  • Digital gift cards and swag management

Cons of Nectar HR

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  • Needs more integrations

Breakdown of core features

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Peer-to-peer recognition

Send points to show appreciation of work well done by coworkers. Gather points and redeem points for prizes.

Swag Management

On-demand swag management allows employees to pick and choose their swag and get it shipped directly to their door.

Digital gift cards

No more running to the store, employees can pick from hundreds of gift cards to redeem points.

Employee Feedback

Easy to set up pulse surveys can help track employee engagement and the Anonymous Two Way messenger gives employees a voice.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    All Industries
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses




  • Peer-to Peer Recognition
  • Digital Gift Card Rewards
  • Local and Nationwide Perks
  • Pulse Surveys
  • eNPS Surveys
  • Glassdoor review prompts
  • Anonymous Two-way Messenger
  • Swag Management
  • Free Core
  • Premium- per employee cost
  • English
  • Glassdoor