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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses


For over 100 years, Japan-based NEC has supplied consumers, companies, and governmental organizations with cutting-edge technology. With nearly 24,000 employees worldwide, NEC is well-positioned to deliver on its commitment to provide secure, safe, eco-friendly devices and services to its diverse customer base. NEC offers a full range of products, including commercial communications services, hardware and software platforms,  mobile devices, PCs, and monitors.

NEC’s unified communications solution is known as UNIVERGE . It is a comprehensive communications platform with robust functionality that can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements, alleviating the need for multiple vendors, servers, and applications typically required to integrate disparate communications platforms seamlessly. This simplifies the communications experience, reducing complexity and costs. UNIVERGE solutions are priced on a per-user licensing basis, allowing multiple devices and functionalities to be connected to a single user for a single price, eliminating the hidden, additional costs inherent to most unified communications platforms. One UNIVERGE system can support up to 30,000 ports, allowing your company to grow without purchasing additional hardware or services.

A Keller Williams Realty group in California chose UNIVERGE to replace its expensive hosted legacy communications solution. In addition to the high cost, the legacy solution had frequent outages and billing issues. By adopting UNIVERGE, the group was able to install an on-premise solution that dropped their communications costs from $40,000/mo to $11,000/mo, a significant cost savings.

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