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NailtedProduct Overview

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Nailted product overview

Nailted is an employee engagement and feedback software designed to improve company culture and increase employee satisfaction. It brings value in automating laborious processes for managers, human resources teams, and executive directors and provides step-by-step guidance to adopt best practices.

The platform includes real-time analytics features to get KPIs and dashboards that help leaders understand people and what is happening within teams. It introduces a recognition system through Claps to create a positive company culture and ensure everybody feels appreciated.

Additionally, this software enables teams to launch different agile and safe feedback campaigns through check-ins. Nailted centralizes all information and processes related to people and company culture to enhance the organization’s alignment.

Pros of Nailted

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  • The software doesn’t offer rankings and rewards to prevent comparisons between people and avoid competition.
  • It allows managers to keep an eye on everyone. It provides automatic conversation triggers that bring up relevant topics and anonymity, empowering organizations to promote honesty and transparency in their feedback cycles.

Cons of Nailted

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  • Nailted’s periodic surveys sometimes contain repetitive questions.

Breakdown of core features

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Companies can build a positive feedback culture, encourage fellowship, and strengthen team relationships with Nailted’s recognition features. The software uses a lightweight recognition process that follows best practices and brings a real impact.

Every Friday, the system gives Claps to everyone to send to their colleagues. It collects all the Claps until Monday, then releases them along with messages, letting employees start the week with a positive mindset. Claps are private to achieve more authentic recognition.

1:1 meetings

Nailted allows everyone to conduct their 1:1s on a regular basis, applying good practices and getting new insights on the team’s status to discover red flags. It offers managers a place to effectively coordinate, schedule, and follow up on these meetings. The platform has automated reminders and a dashboard that lets leaders maintain more consistently scheduled 1:1s with their employees. The dashboard also shows the history of the previous 1:1 meetings at a glance.


The Check-ins feature enables employees to receive feedback from teammates or managers through predefined questions. Managers can evaluate progress at any time and identify team members who haven’t responded yet.

Performance reviews

Nailted comes with various types of performance reviews, including self-evaluation, peer evaluation, manager evaluation, upward evaluation, and 180 and 360 feedback. The software also has preset templates for reviews, such as six-month performance reviews, reviews for managers, and values alignment.

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  • Detailed metrics and eNPS
  • Advanced exports and data visualizations
  • Benchmarking and automated segmentations
  • Analytics
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Reviews and Check-ins
  • Goals and OKR
  • Feedback / Conversations
  • Recognition
  • Admin roles
  • Admin view segmentation


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • BambooHR
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoho
  • API integrations

Pricing Model

  • Pro
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise


  • English
  • Spanish