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MoveSpringProduct Overview

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MoveSpring product overview

MoveSpring is a digital health engagement hub that connects with any activity tracking device for fun and engaging digital health communities. It provides products spanning three key contexts: employer wellness, direct-to-consumer, and virtual events.

While most healthcare companies follow a clinical, top-down approach, MoveSpring focuses on driving health actions from the bottom-up with thoughtful and fun mobile-first experiences. It meets users where they are and equip them with the tools, community, and support they need to make their health journey a success.

MoveSpring empowers organizations to concentrate on individual improvement or foster friendly competition. Its challenge modes cater to a variety of goals and fitness levels. Users can compete on more than just steps, and companies can create a challenge for distance, active minutes, or even sleep.

Pros of MoveSpring

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  • The software allows organizations to filter and manage employees. Companies can identify unsynchronized people and disconnected devices or individuals reporting low activity levels. They can also add or remove participants from a challenge in just a few clicks.
  • Users can share meaningful content and upload videos, articles, and posts to educate users about a cause. They can share inspirational stories or inform participants on how to properly train for races.

Cons of MoveSpring

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  • It doesn’t integrate with Samsung Health.

Breakdown of core features

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Virtual events

Organizations can create a virtual corporate race or charity walk to get people moving together, no matter where they are. With MoveSpring’s simple setup, users can be race-ready in less than one week and build or choose a map theme for their virtual racetrack. Participants unlock surprises and milestones as they move in real-time through the virtual map.


MoveSpring’s chat feature builds a sense of community and increases user engagement alongside the activity challenge. The software has group chats for every challenge, team chats for team leaderboard challenge mode, and one-to-one chats for sending direct messages.

Admin center

Admins can design their challenges, publish content, manage users, and run reports, all from MoveSpring’s intuitive admin center. Furthermore, managers can produce a fitness challenge in less than 60 seconds. They can monitor scores, view group analytics, and manage participants from the challenge dashboard.

Employee wellness

MoveSpring promotes physical activity, boosts culture, and educates employees on key health actions. Organizations can encourage their employees to get moving with some friendly competition or run a fitness challenge. The platform provides Activity Insights that let employees track their progress and fitness goals over time. Employees can monitor weekly, monthly, and yearly trends for steps, distance, and active minutes. MoveSpring also allows users to celebrate every achievement with Badges. Employees can earn Badges for consistent or improved activity, engaging with the community, and participating in challenges.

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  • DonorDrive
  • Garmin
  • Misfit
  • Google Fit
  • Fitbit
  • Withings
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  • FrontStream
  • BlackBaud

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