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About Javelin MOTION

Javelin Ltd started as a company called OrderWare Solutions. Now owned by┬áConnector Systems Holdings Limited, Javelin centers its business around a process modelling engine by the same name. With years of experience developing, implementing and supporting workflow management software, Javelin’s team consists of members who have been with the company for a decade. The team values movement above all else. Their supply chain management software solutions keep clients moving with the same kind of efficiency that the team expects from themselves. They believe in working towards one target, one goal to motivate everyone. In some cases, this means building event management software that coordinates workers, resources and locations in a single platform. In others, it means developing workflow management software around inventory controls.

The MOTION product was developed as enterprise inventory, order, and supply chain management software for clients who needed to respond to customer demand quickly, without sacrificing customer service. Now, clients can customize their own interfaces, using their familiar systems to coordinate asset management with field service agents. This process management software caters specifically to B2B suppliers, honing in on the needs of a single sector to refine the features their clients use most commonly. When companies need workflow management software, Javelin has the expertise to help. For B2B suppliers, MOTION helps manage inventory around demand, in real-time.

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