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About Moorepayhr

Specializing in the development and production of human resource (HR) software, payroll software and legal and safety compliance applications, Moorepay, a UK-based business solutions company, was founded in 1966 and brings almost 50 years of experience to its business clients. Moorepay is the software provider of choice for a number of Fortune 500 companies, local authorities in the UK, and Britain’s police forces.

The Moorepay product, Moorepayhr, is HR software that combines payroll software functions and performance management software features. Other key components of this HR software package include personnel and human resources administration; tracking for workplace injuries; and management of external agencies such as contractors and talent management. The performance management software component, like all Moorepay products, can be customized to meet the specific demands of different customers. It helps human resources personnel to track employee probationary periods, goals and long term aspirations while identifying areas of improvement along with key employee strengths.

Moorepayhr performance management also provides supervisors with access to current and historical employee reviews. This software is designed to reduce overhead costs related to such reviews, to improve the accuracy of data and to present key performance indicators in a range of formats for use by various corporate groups. Moorepay offers a considerable variety of resources to its clients. These include online brochures, videos, guides and white papers. Kingsbridge Community College switched to Moorepay during their transition to an academy. A spokesperson said, “Outsourcing our payroll to Moorepay has been one of the best decisions we have made.”

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