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About Monsenso

Monsenso is a technology company developing mHealth solutions for mental and behavioral health. Their mission is to empower care providers and individuals to overcome the burden of mental disorders. Based on continuous research and development, Monsenso develops innovative solutions that help clinicians improve the quality and efficiency of their patients’ treatment.

Monsenso mHealth Platform for Mental Illnesses

The mHealth platform offered by Monsenso helps optimize the treatment of most major mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline, depression and anxiety.

Their platform comprises of two main functions: Monitoring and Treatment.

Monitoring: Monsenso provides patients with a smartphone app that collects information based on patient self-assessments and sensor data, such as physical activity, social activity, and mobility. This information is synchronized in real-time with the clinical web portal, enabling healthcare providers to monitor and stay in touch with each patient. Based on the patient’s self-assessment scores, the Monsenso app can identify triggers and early warning signs sending a notification to the web portal. This notification enables clinicians to focus on patients who need immediate attention.

Treatment: The Monsenso platform provides healthcare providers with a high-quality historical overview of the behavior and illness of each patient, facilitating better treatment. Through customized action plans, these insights enable better self-management, better coping, and increase patient engagement.

The Monsenso platform helps clinicians:

  • Provide more efficient treatment
  • Enable early interventions
  • Support remote care
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Empower patients to have a faster recovery and live a better-quality life

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