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About Monitae

As of early 2016, Monitae is no longer an active company. For similar solutions, check out our Gamification Product Selection Tool

Monitae designs software to encourage employee engagement and help you develop, spread, and instill the right mindset in your people at scale. Monitae’s software boosts employee motivation and increases productivity by using contests, competitions, and challenges. It also helps management by soliciting the best ideas and processes from your employees, measure performance, and provides a medium for two-way feedback. 

Monitae uses an intuitive interface which promotes team collaboration and competition. Because every organization has specific needs, Monitae is able to customize the criteria for challenges so that the focus is only on the areas that need improvement. Monitae also encourages team collaboration and information sharing. By encouraging the salespeople to work together, they can increase productivity and share insights. By communicating the values and strategies of the company in an engaging format, executives can be sure that their employees understand the company’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, Monitae lets you capture valuable ideas and insights from your top-performing employees and spread them across your organization. Using surveys, crowd-sourced ideas, and setting achievable goals gives everyone at your company the power to create positive change. 

Monitae partnered with the Malima Group, a multinational company that focuses on the creation, production, and delivery of goods and services. By implementing Monitae’s software, Malima Group was able to create challenges and competitions that encouraged employees to live up to the company’s expectations of customer service and satisfaction. Since this partnership, Malima Group has seen a measurable increase in the morale and enthusiasm of their employees.

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