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monday Sales CRMProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

monday Sales CRM product overview

monday Sales CRM solution allows business owners and sales teams to manage all aspects of the sales cycle and customer data in one centralized place while increasing productivity.

With monday Sales CRM, sales managers can have full control over their sales pipeline, capture and import leads, centralize deal and contact info, send and receive emails, record each interaction, and build lasting relationships — all while seeing the big picture at a glance.

The Sales CRM solution also streamlines collaboration with different stakeholders within the organization, centralizing the entire communication around a deal or post-sale process in one platform that’s visible to all stakeholders.

Pros of monday Sales CRM

  • monday Sales CRM has a visual and intuitive interface, so getting started is straightforward and doesn’t require onboarding dedicated developers.
  • The solution is customizable to fit any business need. Users can tailor any sales pipeline, workflow, and process needed without coding. Everything is customizable and adapted to any sales cycle and workflows.

Cons of monday Sales CRM

  • monday Sales CRM doesn’t provide a native caller capability but offers integration with Aircall.
  • The platform doesn’t support email sequences and mass email yet but is planning to do so in the future.

Breakdown of core features

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Contact management

monday Sales CRM delivers a 360° view of customers. It lets users keep records of contact and account information, capture activities, and send emails — all from a single location. With monday CRM’s visual view, users can access all relevant interactions, deals, or projects in the past.

Deal management

Sales teams get a clear view of where deals stand with a visual pipeline with monday.com Sales CRM. Users can customize their pipeline without the help of developers, intuitively drag and drop deals between stages, leverage automation to eliminate manual work, and track all contact interactions to know what they need to do next.

Email capabilities

Users can connect their Gmail or Outlook account with monday.com Sales CRM to send and receive emails and track client communication. The platform supports logging outgoing emails from an Gmail/Outlook inbox directly into the system. It tracks emails opened by the recipients.

monday.com Sales CRM provides dynamic email templates that facilitate creating messages with dynamic parameters to save time manually writing repetitive emails. Users can add a professional signature with an HTML format to emails. Teams can automate email follow-ups and get notified when a contact replies to an email.

Activity management

monday Sales CRM’s activity management feature can log calls, notes, tasks, and meetings and allows users to create customized activities. Its automation functionality sets reminders for upcoming activities. Users can track the number of completed calls, meetings, or activities of any sales rep.

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