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About MobileSpaces

MobileSpaces was an Israeli Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provided a combination of mobile application management and information management services. It was acquired by Pulse Secure in late 2014.

Using MobileSpaces, companies can launch mobile workstations via downloadable apps while ensuring the security of sensitive company information and user privacy. MobileSpaces can be used on iOS 7 and Android devices and does not require software installation. MobileSpaces is unique in that its interface is accessible via the web and does not require special software or user licenses. MobileSpaces is cloud-based and compatible with other MDM platforms. Within MobileSpaces, businesses can centrally manage mobile policies, deploy workplace management features, and define group-based rules. The program includes features specifically designed to prevent data leakage, including copy/paste restriction, native sharing restrictions, and password protection. Additionally, IT administrators can perform remote wipes of enterprise data or local automatic wipes to enhance security. MobileSpaces differentiates its features from the competition because of its focus on protecting user privacy. MobileSpaces does not enable companies to view or alter personal data on a device.

MobileSpaces is ideal for companies that want to launch bring-your-own-device mobile policies while maintaining the security of company information. MobileSpaces is used primarily as a workflow management tool with mobile apps that increase employee productivity and collaboration. Companies seeking a quick, user-friendly workflow app management solution value MobileSpaces’ flexibility and ease of use.

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