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About Mobile Intelligence CRM

Cegedim Group is a technology services company that specializes in healthcare and life sciences. They were founded in 1969, and produce a variety of software designed to simplify business management, CRM, and market research processes. Their CRM solution is the world leader in the Life Sciences industry.

Cegedim’s Mobile Intelligence CRM platform is specifically tailored for the need of life science clients, and comes pre-configured and ready-to-deploy. The software is designed to lower the total cost of ownership, and simplify daily operations. By providing one platform which can run on multiple devices, Cegedim allows companies to scale the product to their individual needs. In addition to their main CRM offering, Cegedim also makes the MI Touch mobile CRM, which extends their Mobile Intelligence platform to iOS and Windows 8 devices. This allows for increased productivity in the field, where customer data can be accessed and modified during one-on-one customer interactions.  Their program allows for document management, medical inquiry history, material order tracking, and other healthcare specific functions. All of their products are customer-centric, and include compressive digital profiles for customers. Mobile Intelligence can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, and functions both online and offline.

Cegedim’s CRM solutions have been used by a variety of companies in order to simplify their management and operations. One top 10 pharmaceutical company, for instance, needed to implement a comprehensive patient support program and encourage enrollment. Using Cegedim’s solutions, they were able to create an outbound and inbound calling system that connected nurses with unregistered patients, and pushed promotional materials to them.

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