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About MobiControl

MobiControl is an enterprise-level mobile device management solution created by SOTI. SOTI’s MobiControl allows companies to securely launch enterprise mobility or bring-your-own-device campaigns regardless of industry. MobiControl’s focus is safeguarding mobile assets while providing robust remote control features. MobiControl allows businesses to seamlessly mobilize their workforce without compromising productivity. MobiControl is utilized by companies such as HP, P&G, Siemens, American Airlines, FedEx, Delta, BMW, Raytheon, and ExxonMobil.

SOTI’s MobiControl appeals to companies seeking a secure, efficient and scalable method of mobile device management. All information on mobile devices is protected by military-grade encryption. MobiControl allows management of all mobile devices within a network from a single interface and can be integrated into existing platforms. Uniquely, MobiControl features one-click upgrades applied to an entire system, effectively decreasing downtime. This platform includes “set-and-forget” options allowing IT teams to automate an array of advanced maintenance functions. Unlike other mobile device management programs, SOTI’s MobiControl includes a variety of remote control options. MobiControl allows remote locking, data transfer, wipes, troubleshooting and threat detection. Included in MobiControl’s remote features is the ability to enable and disable applications and local hardware, such as cameras. This platform’s many security features, advanced device management options and proactive threat detection features appeal to businesses seeking a reliable and powerful mobile device management solution.

SOTI’s MobiControl is trusted by global brands and leading organizations. One of SOTI’s earlier customers, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), was struggling to minimize device downtime and management costs and secure reliable remote device support. Without these problems solved, CAA would be unable to provide reliable roadside services to its nearly 2 million members. As a result of implementing SOTI’s MobiControl, CAA increased mobility ROI, reduced downtime, cut costs and optimized productivity.

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