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Mirro product overview

Mirro is a cloud-based performance management platform that enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. It allows managers to set and track OKRs as well as guide employees’ growth and development with 1-on-1s, continuous feedback, and public praise features that will motivate and empower them.

Mirro lets organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. A highly social platform, it drives thousands of monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, and meaningful performance conversations.

The software includes HR management features with clear, user-friendly time management, work away, and flexi-time custom policies, contracts, and pre-payroll accounting. Organizations can set their rules and flows for request approval and document management.

Additionally, Mirro provides a complete hire-to-retire trackable and actionable experience, from the onboarding check-in to the exit interview. The platform is best suited to goal-oriented companies that want to develop a people-first culture that’s interested in automating tasks and reducing the administrative burden.

Pros of Mirro

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  • Every team member can offer and receive public praise, exchange feedback, and share progress with Mirro. As a result, employees will feel recognized and appreciated. The solution brings a safe space that gives everyone a voice whenever they work, shining a light on their activities and accomplishments.
  • The platform facilitates meaningful team purpose and supportive self-management. Teams can align and interact in an effortless and fun way to inform and progress. Employees can take control of their development and see all the organization’s objectives and decide how to best contribute to team efforts.

Cons of Mirro

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  • Mirro delivers a broad set of features that some users find difficult to navigate at first.

Breakdown of core features

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Companies can increase alignment with clear Objectives and Key Results from Mirro. The software shows every goal and key result—all transparent and organized by departments, teams, or people. It allows users to set objectives at all levels and target the entire company, just some teams, or individuals.

Moreover, it lets teams see how company-wide goals translate into personal OKRs and understand the impact they’re having. This bird’s-eye view ensures everyone stays on the same page as teams make progress and reach milestones.

Performance review

Mirro enables users to control every aspect of the performance review process. Team members can set their timelines, mark their progress, ask for feedback, and establish a check-in routine. The software also supports individual performance check-ins; users can choose the type and number of discussion items for their check-in form and notify each participant when it’s time to share or conclude the review.

Ongoing feedback

The solution eliminates the rigidity of formal feedback sessions. It streamlines sharing feedback with people in the company and with external guests or collaborators. Users are able to mention what they appreciated in a particular situation and offer some guidance on what could be improved. Team members can also request feedback for themselves or another employee from a colleague or an external source.

Performance check-ins

The performance check-ins feature helps users become more in tune with their team members and business goals. Leaders can oversee individual performance check-ins, follow growth journeys for individuals and teams, and adjust the company’s performance. Mirro makes sure that no team member will be left behind and no objective will fly under the radar.

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  • Hybrid workplace HRIS
  • Leave and attendance
  • People and records
  • Continuous feedback
  • Check-ins
  • OKRs
  • Organization management
  • Dashboard
  • Holiday planning and absence management
  • Work away and flexi-time policies
  • Documents management and request approval flows
  • Pre-payroll accounting
  • Recognition
  • Employee experience
  • Performance review
  • Data and insights


  • Google Calendar
  • Zapier
  • Open API integrations

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  • Plus


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish