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About Mindmatrix

Mindmatrix, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1998. Mindmatrix offers an eponymously titled sales enablement software platform for direct sales, channel sales, and dealers.

The award-winning Mindmatrix platform is truly that  —  a platform. From the storage and distribution of content to lead scoring and partner management, Mindmatrix helps better align your sales and marketing teams to improve conversions and increase revenues, by providing solutions for digital asset management, marketing automation, channel management, and more. 

Mindmatrix gives both marketing and sales complete visibility into the full customer journey. Upload your digital assets to the platform, create marketing and nurturing campaigns across channels, and track the results. Furthermore, if you work with partner organizations, either as a marketing service provider, franchisor, real estate broker, manufacturer, etc., Mindmatrix’s lead distribution and routing features make sure the right lead is delivered to the right partner, at the right time. Mindmatrix also gives you in-depth visibility of your channel partners’ activities. See what training materials your channel partners downloaded, what certifications are due and even monitor their market development fund usage and lead registrations.

Mindmatrix is a fit for more traditional sales organizations as well, whether through a direct, inside sales team, or independent sales reps, Mindmatrix manages and tracks performance, allowing you to monitor productivity and efficiency  — and even helps with coaching, letting you document each step in the sales process, and provides customized marketing materials for each stage of the customer journey. Additionally, Mindmatrix can be easily integrated with most CRMs, so it doesn’t matter what your partners or independent representatives use, Mindmatrix can help. 

We recommend Mindmatrix to any sales organization that is struggling to align their marketing automation and customer relationship management processes, but especially to those organizations that manage leads for a variety of clients, vendors, or other channels. 

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