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About Kidasa Milestones Pro

Founded in 1991, Kidasa Software, Inc. is located in Austin, Texas. The company produces project management software which includes project scheduling and project planning components. Their project management software keeps track of long-term projects, which may even take as long as years to complete. In so doing, this software provides a single frame of reference for both managerial and employee use — everyone is on the same page. Scheduling and planning aspects populate the details of a project that are included in task-specific data when it is accessed. Incorporating more than 20 years of industry experience into an easy-to-use product, Kidasa offers Milestones Professional and Milestones Simplicity project management software packages. Kidasa serves a deep client list in various industries including many government agencies and defense contractors. Some of their clients include Boeing, the U.S. Military, the United Space Alliance, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and NASA.

After Kidasa received feedback from its clients, the company reworked the Milestones Professional application and added features based on requests from clients to make the creation of reports easier. The company also changed Professional’s project update function so that information related to a project can be transferred from Milestones users to persons using Microsoft’s Project application. The update to the Simplicity package included additional display capacities for reports or schedules, and increased tab key options. For both products, the Kidasa website offers extensive support options in the form of manuals, available training courses and instructional movies.

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