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About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a variant of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software developed by Microsoft. This business intelligence software is designed to facilitate finance operations for small to medium-sized businesses. It can also accelerate operations that involve management of customer relations, e-commerce, manufacturing and analytics. The solution serves as a multi-currency-and-language system to advance management of finances, supply connections and build positive customer involvement. It constitutes three main building blocks; namely, the data server, which is a Microsoft SQL, the NAV 2009 RTC application server, and end users like clients on the web, Windows and on SharePoint.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV features management functions for distribution, sales and marketing, and finances. It also handles the management tasks for manufacturing, supply chains, human resources and customer association. Its capability is trusted by over 100,000 companies around the globe in various industries. It can help your company gain overall control on finance issues, compliance and costs. Microsoft Dynamic NAV gets you a clear view of your cash flow and asset status. It provides you with pertinent data and sound recommendations. With this ERP software, you will have the capacity to make business decisions which are purely based on intelligence. You gain overall control over your operations, cut costs, improve production and enhance scheduling strategies through this Microsoft Dynamic NAV.

The system uses C/AL language for the purpose of adjustment. It complies with IAS/IFRS and possesses 43 localizations, excluding those which are supplied by its partners. This business intelligence software also shares its source codes to resellers who are value-added.

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