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About MicroMain Maintenance

MicroMain Corporation is a trusted leader for maintenance management software production and serves businesses of every size.

MicroMain CMMS software¬†produced by MicroMain Corporation comes¬†in four variations: Premium, Basic, Lite and Healthcare. Maintenance Premium is designed for streamlining and customizing a firm’s basic and intricate operations. It features asset management and tracking, inventory, orders of work, preventive maintenance and more. With this premium offering you can effectively manage the flow of work orders and extend the usability of your assets. All variations of MicroMain’s maintenance management software contain the features of their most popular Maintenace Premium. Additional specifications and functions are added on each variation, based on the industry. This software comes in an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface and is backed up by experienced professionals.

Companies around the globe use the software. Mammoth, an industry leader in custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, implemented MicroMain in 2000. Mammoth has since decreased their facilities’ maintenance costs by 52%, among other maintenance process improvements.

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