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Method: Field ServicesProduct Overview

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Method: Field Services product overview

Method: Field Services is a field service management solution designed to help businesses streamline the quote-to-cash process and complete more jobs faster. It integrates with all desktop and online versions of QuickBooks allowing businesses to spend less time on double data entry and more time on billable work. The real-time, two-way sync between Method: Field Services and QuickBooks ensures that field and office teams always have access to up-to-date information, providing a seamless customer experience.

Method: Field Services includes plenty of features to help simplify common service business workflows such as estimating, work order management, job scheduling and routing, time tracking, signature capture, invoicing, and payment processing. Method: Field Services can become more than just a field service management solution, depending on the business’s unique needs. For instance, businesses can take advantage of additional CRM features such as lead generation web forms, sales pipeline management, activity tracking, and email marketing campaigns.

The solution is also fully customizable and can be personalized to work more effectively for the business. These customizations could be as simple as adding new fields to track industry-specific data or as complex as automating workflows end-to-end.

Method: Field Services offer native integrations with a number of other business tools, including add-ons for Gmail and Outlook, allowing users to view customer history and add new data right from the email inbox. It also has integrations with payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.NET, letting customers pay invoices through secure online portals.

Pros of Method: Field Services

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Method: Field Services has real-time, two-way sync with QuickBooks ensuring that customer, estimate, invoice, and payment information are updated in both programs. This eliminates the need for double data entry and guarantees that every employee has access to the latest data, whether they’re working in the office or out in the field.

The solution is built on a fully customizable, no-code platform, allowing users to go beyond the system’s core functionality and create a software solution that is perfectly tailored to the unique needs of the business. For example, users might customize Method: Field Services to manage job costing or track equipment alongside customer, scheduling, and invoicing data. This way, business processes are in one central location and teams are empowered to work more efficiently and can deliver better service.

Cons of Method: Field Services

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Method: Field Services does not include “out of the box” online booking functionality. Businesses can work with one of Method’s customization experts to update the built-in online customer portal and allow customers to book services online. Organizations can also use Method’s integration with Zapier to sync booking data from a third-party scheduling app, such as Calendly or YouCanBook.me.

Some users may find that Method: Field Services’ built-in work order reports are fairly basic, as they are meant to apply to a wide variety of service-based businesses who may use the platform. Users who want to see more advanced work order reports and/or want to generate reports on other aspects of their day-to-day operations can do so by working with one of Method’s in-house customization experts.

Breakdown of core features

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Method: Field Services offers features to simplify every aspect of business, from job scheduling to invoicing.

Job scheduling and routing

Method: Field Services’ two-way sync with QuickBooks allows existing customers and service items to be accessible in the Method account from the start. This makes it easy to create one-time or recurring work orders that contain all the necessary information about the location of the job and the work to be done. Once there is a list of work orders to be completed in a given day, users can simply click a button and the system will generate an optimized schedule and route for the field crew, complete with a map.

Mobile field crew app

Method: Field Services’ mobile app empowers field crew technicians to complete jobs efficiently and stay up-to-date while on the go. Each morning, field crew technicians can see the list of jobs to be completed and the order in which they have been scheduled. Upon arriving at a site, they can view the specific details of the job and check for any last-minute changes that may have been made by team members back in the office. Technicians can use a simple start-and-stop timer within the Method: Field Services app to track their work hours; these time tracking entries automatically sync to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for paper timesheets and manual data entry. Upon finishing the job, technicians can capture a digital e-signature from the customer and mark the work order as complete, so the office team can see which jobs are ready for invoicing.

Invoicing and payment collection

Invoices for a full day’s worth of completed jobs can be generated in just a few clicks with Method: Field Services. The customer and service item data from each work order is automatically copied to an invoice, which can then be emailed to the customer directly from the platform. Invoices also sync automatically to QuickBooks, eliminating the need to pass paperwork back and forth. Online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.NET can connect to the system. It provides a more convenient experience for customers and helps to maintain positive cash flow for the business as these online payments sync to QuickBooks immediately.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Architecture / Engineering / Construction, Field Services / Maintenance, Manufacturing
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Mid Sized Businesses





  • Two-way QuickBooks sync
  • Estimates
  • Work orders
  • Job scheduling
  • Job routing/mapping
  • Time tracking
  • Invoices
  • Payment processing
  • Customer management
  • Lead management
  • Contact portals
  • Task management
  • Communication tracking
  • Shared calendar
  • Email campaigns
  • Sales pipeline
  • Web to lead forms
  • Workflow automation
  • Custom reporting
  • Open API


  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zapier
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • Mailchimp
  • Authorize.NET
  • BrainTree
  • PayPal
  • QuickBooks Payments
  • Stripe


  • English