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About MetaLayer

MetaLayer, Inc. offers practical big data solutions aimed at transforming real-time data streams into insightful, visual, and sharable information. MetaLayer’s solutions are ideal for multiple sectors including intelligence, government, public safety, and global crisis response. MetaLayer also offers enterprise-level solutions to customers with large teams.

MetaLayer, in partnership with D8A Group, creates big data applications for practical use. The company’s specialty lies in the analytics and visualization of large sets of data. This process involves gathering and analyzing real-time data that provides insights into user-defined behaviors. MetaLayer then takes this information and compiles it visually, which improves the communication of insights across an organization. MetaLayer’s platform is user friendly, allowing users to drag and drop data sets to make custom infographics. The business intelligence (BI) platform allows users to analyze diverse data sets acquired from photos, social media, documents and news feeds. By doing so, companies can use MetaLayer, Inc.’s big data solutions to create visual presentations of trends and statistics. The use of graphics to display data increases understanding of insights and cross-team collaboration.

MetaLayer’s services appeal to businesses, organizations and groups that need to visually represent the analysis of big data. Geosprocket, a geospatial consulting firm, needed to create a map of Twitter messages sent during Hurricane Irene. After collecting real-time Twitter messages positioned around the storm, Geosprocket worked with MetaLayer, Inc. and D8Group to create an interactive map of tweets. As a result of this collaboration, Geosprocket was able to create a visual map of real-time sentiment, ranked from very negative to strongly positive, during Hurricane Irene.

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