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About NovaMind Merlin

NovaMind has 14 years of industry experience creating and developing mind mapping software. Mind maps are representative diagrams that show your ideas, tasks, and information in a visual way. NovaMind’s goal is to help you visualize and organize ideas for your business through brainstorming and creative development. That’s why NovaMind designed Merlin, project management software to organize, remember, communicate and implement ideas.

NovaMind’s software is a stand out professional tool. Merlin is the world’s leading professional project management software. It is recognized by numerous industries globally as an award winning risk management software. Merlin is risk management software, too. Mind Map software can include many applications and Merlin boasts many features that allow for accessibility. You can attach elements to a project, have complete flexibility with your tasks, drag and drop project resources to place them in your activities and customize the feel of the platform. With Merlin project management software, you have total project customization, you can even implement duration settings. Included with this is full risk management software. This includes budgeting capabilities, simple controls, and invoicing. With a whole group of products based around the Merlin risk management software, you are able to customize the features to best fit your business.

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