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About IOS Health Medios EHR

With over 25 years of healthcare experience, IOS Health Systems brings a strong track record of innovation to the electronic health record (EHR) market. IOS’s web-based Medios EHR offers providers all the traditional functionality of an EHR without the costly on-site installation, upfront investment, or hiring of new staff.

Built for an intuitive user experience, the Medios platform can be implemented in a variety of healthcare settings due to its easy integration with third party applications. This functionality gives providers the freedom to adjust their EHR system with additional functionality to fit particular specialty needs or to comply with new regulations. To further improve the user experience, Medios can communicate clinical information between physician practices through privacy-protected email and Internet portals. Additional Medios functionality includes voice recognition capability, dashboards that update in real-time complete with easy to use reporting functions, interactive workflow modules, and a patient recall system. Medios also supplies clinicians with tools for making more informed treatment decisions, like a database of comprehensive medical references and disease management modules that help with population health management. Users can also access the Medios system from their smartphone or tablet, putting clinical information in physicians’ hands even when they’re outside the office. To increase patient engagement, Medios includes a HIPAA compliant patient portal as well was embedded CPT/ICD-9 coding support to increase revenue.

A small health system in Louisiana comprised of 5 hospitals needed to reduce medical errors and streamline communication across all of its locations. Impressed with Medios’s open-ended upgradability and easy integration across multiple locations, this health system implemented IOS Health System’s EHR. After 12 months, the health system reported increased revenue and decreased medical errors, both of which were directly linked to utilizing Medios throughout their hospitals and their providers’ practices.

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