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Matmi is a UK-based company that brings gamification technology to large-scale brands through the development of web-based, mobile, and social content. The company helps brands increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation. Matmi’s gamification platform helps brands build a loyal customer base, provide rewards, and gain insight into the needs of their target audience.

Matmi’s platform allows for the creation of branded games and custom loyalty programs. Game mechanics allow companies to incentivize interaction through reward points, levels, virtual goods, leaderboards, and branded challenges. In addition to increasing customer engagement levels, brands can implement gamification technology within their organizations to motivate their own employees. Matmi is able to develop and design branded games that can be accessed via web and popular mobile devices including iOS and Android. Businesses benefit from Matmi’s custom gamification technology because it inspires brand-focused social interaction and provides insights into consumer behavior.

BBC Wales Interactive and CBBC were seeking a fun, interactive extension to a popular children’s show, Wizards vs. Aliens. Matmi was chosen to design and develop a branded game that would increase engagement with fans of the show, particularly when the show was not scheduled to air. As a result of implementing Matmi, BBC Wales Interactive and CBBC were able to develop and release an original game, “The Chamber of Crowe,” that effectively promoted brand awareness, and engaged their target audience outside of their traditional medium.

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