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About MatchWare MindView

Located in Tampa, FL, MatchWare, Inc. develops the MindView project management and mind mapping software. MatchWare also provides software to manage meetings, human resources, tools for authoring Flash video and HTML, and screen capture software for tutorial videos. MatchWare is a prominent player in the project management and task management software market. MatchWare products are well-known for their easy integration with Microsoft Office products, and they have recently added better integration with Apple products. Companies that utilize MatchWare products include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, AMD, JPMorganChase, Intel, and MasterCard.

MindView 5 Business Edition is the latest version of the MindView software, designed to help you brainstorm ideas and organize them for presentation. The mind-mapping process often leads to actual projects, so project management software tools are built-in to MindView 5 Business Edition. MindView’s tools for WBS, or work breakdown structure, provide the structure needed to clearly define the scope of the project. With the structure and scope of a project in hand, MindView can automatically transform it into a Gantt chart, providing a working project schedule with little to no effort. MindView 5 Business Edition easily integrates with Microsoft Office programs, resulting in time savings by avoiding redundant data entry. MindView also provides the ability to export mind maps to Powerpoint, instantly creating a presentation complete with links and supporting files. Add calculations and supporting data and export your mind map to MS Excel, too. With automatic Gantt charting, and easy export to MS Project, your project can be up and running sooner. MindView provides a pack and go tool to easily transmit mind maps with necessary files embedded, without any messy separate attachments. If the recipient is not a MindView user, a free viewer is provided to allow easy collaboration within the existing structure. A shared workspace option is provided to enable real-time collaboration on mind maps. Get started with MindView 5 Business Edition with a  free trial from TechnologyAdvice.

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