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About Ascend

Ascend is a physician relationship management application designed to help healthcare organizations grow and retain referral sources while discovering new referral volume opportunities.

This software enables physician relations managers and liaisons to identify issues and develop initiatives for issue resolution and improved relationships with referring physicians. The tracking system keeps related tasks organized and provides a platform for accountability and interdepartmental collaboration.

Physician liaisons can take this mobile-friendly application wherever they go, entering visit notes and physician data in real-time.

Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and Google Maps enables users to organize, plan and record day-today outreach efforts to contribute to overall referral growth strategy.

Stakeholder engagement is achieved through data-driven reporting features that demonstrate many critical aspects of physician relationship management and market trends
We recommend Ascend to any healthcare organization looking for a secure CRM solution to help track physician referrals, but especially those organizations looking for a mobile-optimized solution.

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