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About Manhattan SCALE

Manhattan Associates’ vision of supply chain management software is providing clients with applications that will help them to realize and sustain market advantages from their supply chains. With more than 20 years of experience in delivering supply chain management software solutions, the company’s common platform and related products have resulted in clients attaining significantly decreased inventory and labor costs and comparable reductions in transportation spending.

For example, Manhattan Associates’ supply chain management software was adopted by the sporting goods firm, Adidas Group. This client needed implementation on a global scale — sites in Asia, Europe and the U.S. — and turned to Manhattan Associates’ software. Following a successful implementation, Adidas has gained inventory visibility and accuracy by more effectively controlling its supply chain.

Manhattan Associates offers a number of different supply chain products. Manhattan SCOPE is its flagship supply chain execution software application. This package operates on the company’s Supply Chain Process Platform and includes a number of integrated features. Some of these are inventory management software, warehouse management software, a transportation management application and distribution management software, making SCOPE a powerful suite. The company’s Manhattan SCALE product is designed for clients who prefer Microsoft technologies, and it utilizes Microsoft’s .NET platform. Another of Manhattan Associates’ applications, called Carrier, serves about half of North America’s top 100 motor carrier companies, demonstrating the extent to which the company’s products are used in the distribution, warehousing and transportation industries.

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