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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

Reporting, auditing, and monitoring solution for MS Exchange and Skype for Business
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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter PlusProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus product overview

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is an all-in-one auditing, monitoring, and reporting solution built specifically for MS Exchange and Skype for Business. This web-based platform delivers reports and insights to maximize the efficiency of Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business setups.

The solution provides information on mailbox size, mailbox growth, and mailbox size restrictions. It compares the current mailbox size against quota limits. It also offers Mailbox Traffic Reports for tracking and analyzing the traffic to each mailbox. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus presents critical data on usage patterns of servers and server delivery times and analytics and statistics. Administrators get to evaluate and send reports over the internet.

The platform also monitors the settings and configurations of Skype for Business conference calls. It generates reports on conference attendees, policies applied to users, and instant messages exchanged internally and externally. It tracks details on calls made, failed call attempts, unassigned numbers, and other user activities.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus audits important and business-confidential information shared via the organization’s mailboxes.

Pros of ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

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  • The platform ensures secured login with two-factor authentication.
  • It enables the monitoring of Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business from a single platform.

Cons of ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

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  • According to some users, ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus doesn’t automatically audit new mailboxes and offers limited dashboard configurations.

Breakdown of core features

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Skype for Business reporting

The solution monitors mailbox size, mailbox growth trends, size restrictions, and quota limits. It tracks the traffic within the organization using server traffic reports. It makes details on vital statistics about OWA, ActiveSync, and other Exchange objects like public folders and distribution lists accessible to administrators.
The platform provides all information about the Skype for Business server including conference, instant messaging, audio, and video details. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus has over 450 intuitive Exchange Server and Exchange Online reports.

Hybrid Exchange auditing

The platform’s Exchange server audit reports alert organizations about unauthorized mailbox login attempts or changes made to mailbox permissions. Logs related to mailbox property changes such as quota limit, size restrictions, activation, and deactivation are sent to administrators. The system tracks every change in Exchange databases for security.

Exchange server monitoring

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus monitors Exchange server and service health 24/7. It sends real-time alerts about any anomaly via SMS or email. The solution checks the status of mail flow and connectivity protocols such as Exchange ActiveSync, IMAP, and POP.

The system keeps track of database connectivity, replication, backup, and search health statistics. It automatically sends notifications when Exchange servers, mailboxes, or database storage exceed quota limits.

Exchange mailbox content search

The solution simplifies complex searches using pattern and keyword-based criteria. Instant searches are available for important mailbox content like bank account numbers and credit card details. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus optimizes the search window by allowing users to filter folders and add multiple conditions.

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