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MacPractice offers electronic health record solutions for both general practitioners and specialists. MacPractice’s EHR/iEHR works specifically with Apple products, making it an ideal option for practices using OS X systems and iPads. MacPractice’s electronic health record solution is capable of integration with existing practice management software, which promotes a more seamless implementation process. In addition to the MacPractice MD software for multiple specialties, MacPractice has tailor-made solutions for dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists. 

The software from MacPractice is available for use with any of the company’s other general practitioner and specialty medical practice software. It allows physicians to access patient health records, lab orders and results, prescriptions and files of any size from one user-friendly interface. This program also features customizable templates that can be adjusted by users to fit their natural workflow preferences. With MacPractice, physicians are able to view patient histories, narratives and diagnostic results from an iPad or iPad mini, enabling them to access critical health information that’s important to patient care while maintaining compliance with federal HIPAA regulations. MacPractice EHR/iEHR reduces the need for duplicate tasks and increases productivity.

MacPractice appeals to single and multi-practitioner practices looking for a user-friendly, scalable and powerful electronic health record solution. A mid-sized practice in Londonderry, NH that uses Mac systems reported a simple integration experience with MacPractice software without the hassle and expense of extensive user training. MacPractice EHR/iEHR streamlines physician workflows, allows mobilization of patient care and reduces treatment errors. Growing practices value MacPractice’s electronic health record solution because it helps accurately track patient encounters and health status while increasing revenue.

Don’t use Apple software in your practice? Get matched with relevant EHR/EMR software based on the needs of your practice.

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