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About Maintenance Assistant MACMMS

Maintenance Assistant is a privately held company founded in 2008. They are a leader in the information technology and services sector with an emphasis on maintenance operations. The company’s founders have worked on maintenance software since 1987. Maintenance Assistant sells computerized maintenance management system or CMMS software. With Maintenance Assistant, businesses can easily manage and organize maintenance issues relating to equipment and building structure. The software has an easy to use interface. The sidebar displays all the categories related to maintenance management including assets, suppliers, purchasing orders, work orders, and technician profiles. The dashboard displays upcoming scheduled work in the form of notifications. Unlike other CMMS software, Maintenance Assistant offers control monitoring for several machine interfaces including oBIX and Tridium. When an issue arises, alerts can be sent directly to the technician to address the problem.

Another advantage of this software is its mobile features. Workers can conveniently access the CMMS via a smartphone app, and they can interact with assets by simply scanning a QR code in the field. Several companies have used this asset management software to improve their maintenance issues, including 365 Main. The owners were frustrated with the inability to access past work orders and the lack of preventative maintenance compliance, so they implemented the CMMS from Maintenance Assistant. Justin Scott, the facility manager at 365 Main, noted how reliable the notification system is and how easy it was to navigate through the interface and find reports.

(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

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