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Computer and Technology, Marketing / Public Relations
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Any Sized Businesses

About Lucep

Lucep is cloud-based Sales Software solution that provides an instant-response call back app to sales team representatives connecting with online visitors. Quick and immediate response time is shown to significantly increase online conversion rate: 63% of customers give business to the first company to respond to their inquiry. 

Lucep features a plugin on a company’s website that attracts visitors and enables them to contact the company for more information. After a visitor fills in a short, customizable profile and interest form, Lucep sends an instant push notification to the sales team to engage contact. The sales team representative receives individualized data directly to their phone, such as what the visitor has looked at on the business website, how much time they have spent, who referred them and if they came from a Google Ad. 

Lucep provides management reports to businesses and analytics that break down where leads are coming from and what can be done to generate more interest. Reports also provide a summary of sales team performances, who is responsible for each lead, and what happened during follow up. Lucep removes human error of assigning leads, automatically moving through the call sheet as new leads come in. 

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