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About Lightning Pick LP Pick

Lightning Pick Technologies brings more than 25 years of experience developing innovative business solutions that improve productivity and increase data accuracy, and implementing these solutions in hundreds of locations globally. Until 2006, the company went by the name Professional Control Corporation, but it changed this to reflect the success of its LP Pick order fulfillment and supply chain management (SCM) system before being acquired by Matthews International Corporation.

The motorcycle company Harley-Davidson implementedĀ theĀ LP Pick solution. Its parts and accessories manager noted that this application not only met the company’s current needs, but also assisted in planning for future supply chain requirements. Lightning Pick Technologies offers several of its Pick-to-Light systems for similar purposes. Its flagship product is called LP Pick. Client experiences with this application have included improved productivity, reduced employee reading errors and an overall simplification of the pick process. As a result, these clients have reduced some of the intense labor associated with this type of work and become more cost-efficient. Lightning Pick Technologies’ LP Pick pick-to-light systems are compatible with existing systems, but they are also available as newly implemented products. The company’s order picking software solutions are typically used for order fulfillment, but they are equally applicable to similar processes related to parts handling in the manufacturing industry. Lightning Pick products are also used by supermarkets and warehouses. Each specific application includes such details as improved routing and shorter walking distances to items that are needed to either fill out orders or for use as components in finished manufacturing products.

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