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About LoopFuse

LoopFuse was founded in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, and serves small to medium businesses across the United States. LoopFuse helps smaller businesses utilize advanced technologies to compete in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Their platform functions as a natural extension of a company’s existing tools in order to seamlessly deliver tangible marketing and sales results.

LoopFuse makes it easy to analyze, track, and improve inbound marketing efforts by determining the search engines, keywords, and traffic sources visitors use to find your business. Marketing dashboards provide real-time information that sales and marketing professionals utilize when nurturing prospects. LoopFuse understands the challenges that businesses face when using multiple platforms, so it provides seamless integration with multiple marketing applications. Through LoopFuse, small businesses can easily create internal mash ups, assimilate data from 3rd party tools, and view WebService APIs through its intuitive user-interface. LoopFuse boasts one of the strongest encryption and valid authentication software systems in the industry, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Objectivity Inc. is a leader in data-management technology. With the consistent evolution of technology, Objectivity discovered that its internal processes were increasingly outdated and that its marketing team was using marketing dollars inefficiently. Objectivity employs LoopFuse to nurture prospects through email marketing and to implement lead-capture forms to track results.  Based on these services, sales representatives are prepared with a detailed history on all qualified leads. As a result of LoopFuse implementation, Objectivity saved $160,000 on its marketing budget within two years.

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