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Since its foundation in 1991, LOG-NET, a Red Bank, New Jersey firm, has provided the trade and transportation industries with logistics management software. The company has grown to serve clients in over 70 different countries today, and its products have grown along with it. LOG-NET global logistics applications are used by major companies like Hasbro and by large-scale cargo carriers.

LOG-NET logistics management software is recognized for its superior compliance with United States Customs programs. Its third-party logistics (3PL) transportation industry solution incorporates the functions of supply chain management software into a product that works across all modes of travel—from trucking to rail and air to transport by sea. The company’s logistics management software application for cargo owners is compatible with enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs, transportation management systems (TMS), distribution management software and other related technologies. LOG-NET works to offer global logistics solutions that are the most configurable products in the transportation industry. The company’s logistics management software-related electronic data interchange processes have undergone years of field testing, assuring clients that their data is accurate and on schedule. Clients can customize the appearances of their LOG-NET dashboards to suit their specific preferences. Because the transportation industry affects more than suppliers, distributors, and customers, LOG-NET offers a free carbon calculator product to determine the amount of carbon dioxide emissions related to the overall movement of a given amount of freight. This user-friendly device requires data input for just five fields in order to produce a carbon footprint estimate.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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